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​With the use of vibrant pigment and hand-stretched canvas, I strive to unlock doors into new and expansive worlds. Worlds that encourage us to explore, inspire connection, and embolden us to follow our passions. Here lies a compilation of work that has come into being over the past decade. Collectively, these pieces tell a tale of my life's journey and convey the transformation of my relationship with artistic expression. 

Nick Arnold




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​Growing up on the island of Kauai, surrounded by mystical mountains and their ancient spirits, I forged a deep bond to the land through hunting, fishing, and exploring the rainforests.

Led by elders and traditions, I found a deep respect and love for nature and its continuous gifts of sound, touch, and sight. I open my eyes and see the canvas laid before me, and like medicine, it was the immediate cure required to lift my heart, raise my spirit, and move me bravely into the world as an artist.

In 2012, Painted Shields was born as my passions for art grew out of a deep appreciation and personal discovery of the ancient ways of teaching, healing, and storytelling through art. A Painted Shield holds the past and foretells the future. It is an expression of a moment in time that is meant to be shared as ​medicine for the community and the world. Today Painted Shields is the totem for my work and my mission to share ART AS MEDICINE. To be a symbol of empowerment and inspiration for all people to discover, cultivate, and share their passions with the world.

​After a decade of immersive intimacy with the North Shore of Kauai, emerging as a respected artist and member of the community, my journey as an artist continues. ​Now living on Vashon Island set between the mainland of Washington in the Puget Sound, I find myself in awe and also at the beginning once again. With pallet knife in hand, I am allowing my spirit to awaken and meet this new land.


And the story continues…

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